fredag 1 november 2013

them words, do you recognize

In black and white I stand. Confused by the world. I'm to small, to understand. The whole, the fullfillness. Of the world. Unwrapping. Around me. Showing me secrets that I don't know that to do with. Smiling to the sun, smiling to the rain, smiling to the storm. The day be my friend. Do you recognize? The life be my brother and sister. How they watch us. Dancing in the dark. Throwing our heads to the beat. Just letting the moment take you under your wings and making you fly. Fly so high. Giving you gifts. Golden gifts. Do you recognize? The small stream, growing from the rain. The ocean, to big to understand. Black and white I stand. Them gray shades make me loose once again. The writing without an end. The story that has just began. Shoved forward. No pause. Do you recognize?

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